Thursday, January 7, 2010

malaysiakini and ACTIVELY ENCOURAGING Protests ....A NO-BRAIN Decision of the Home Minister

Instead of trying to quell the public unrest over the ALLAH issue or non-issue according to this letter to malaysiakini from a mature Muslim Protests over 'Allah' ruling embarrassing, it seems the Home Minister is hell bent on allowing the religious issue to smoulder.
Otherwise why has it granted the protesters to stage demonstrations at their mosques on this coming Friday. The court itself has granted the stay that both parties agreed untill the matter comes before the Court of Appeal.
Is it an ominous threat to non-Muslims that they are being subject to "ketuanan" principles?
When the jet engines go missing we can understand that the top brass are incompetent in administering a fool-proof stores system but when a Minister simply allows an unwelcome demo with some vague assurances on public security, that is the height of irresponsibility.
Remember how the cops stood by during the bloody cow head incident? Those guys did not have a police permit and yet the cops just stood about. Now with the approval to demonstrate, how many cars need to be burned or passers-by injured before it is deemed a threat to national security?
Will the Minister too be leading the protesters with his kris-wielding skills?


Trashed said...

If you recall in the APCET II incident, the cops also stood around and did nothing.

yellowkingdom said...

Pea-brained HM ought to be sacked for implicitly encouraging protests. I shudder to know we have such incompetent leaders in positions of power.