Thursday, January 21, 2010

malaysiakini and the CREDIBILITY of GOVERNMENTS

Our former PM is in the news for the wrong reasons.
In this malaysiakini article Dr M: If they can make Avatar, they can make 9/11 TDM claims that it is not impossible that the US government caused the September11 events in order to launch the war against terrorism or maybe even against Islam as the hijackers were all Muslims.
Of course most readers will find such a story far-fetched but I watched a documentary on the history channel a few days ago about the Second World War. It seems the Americans knew about the Japanese fleet but the US leaders at the time wanted the sacrifice of Pearl Harbour in order that they could enter the war against Hitler.
I think most governments do not disclose the real reasons for major decisions and that even applies to the Malaysian government.
Thus far we have seen so many scandals being swept under a humungous carpet that is having to be extended each year with the Auditor-General's Annual Report.
In other nations, offical records are released after something like 50 years so that the people can study past decisions and errors.
In Malaysia, we have official files being destroyed and even people disappearing.
BTW I don't agree with the AVATAR notion of TDM.

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