Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Malaysia Can GROW Stronger from the ALLAH Controversy...

It has been a rude education of sorts for many Malaysians but if you read the comments from malaysiakini and the Malaysian Insider, we can hope that Malaysians will become stronger after this issue has been settled.
Not in the manner as suggested in this malaysiakini article Minister asks Christians to drop 'Allah' claim when a minister has the gall to claim that the problem will be solved by clamping down on the religious practices of non-Muslims.
I just wonder how such people can rise to such an important post and yet display such insensitiveness and lack of vision. Does he not understand that forcing the issue in this manner is as good as condoning the arson attacks?
I also heard on TV3 that Selangor religious groups will petition the Sultan to declare the word ALLAH banned for non-Muslims.
That will surely complicate the matter for the Malay ruler leads the state as far as Islam is concerned but he also has no authority to interfere in the practice of other religions. Such an ill-advised decision will bring about a conflict between the state and federal constitutions.
The most heartening development from this sad episode is the heroic stance taken by some Muslim NGOs who are freely protecting the churches. In fact they appear to be more concerned about the safety of the churches than the police who claimed a lack of manpower.
To me, if the PDRM lacked resources, the advice should have been made in private and not broadcast so that those with evil intentions will know your weakness.
If you are part of the silent majority, if this latest development does not move you to do something for your nation - maybe sign a petition or join the inter-faith dialogue, by the time you decide to do something, it may be too late.
Do something NOW to change the course of Malaysia or forever remain silent.

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