Tuesday, January 5, 2010

malaysiakini and a MAJOR Headache for BN

The ALLAH issue can break up the BN for good as the Home Ministry has decided to appeal according to this malaysiskini report Home Ministry files appeal against 'Allah' decision.
Already Christian groups in Sabah and Sarawak are upset about the attitude of the government about their usage of "ALLAH" as they had been using that term even before Malaysia was formed.
Even Marina Mahathir was written a beautiful article about how Christians and Moslems can work for world peace by cooperating instead of quarreling.
So what happens at Malaysia's Court of Appeal?
Will the majority of the bench be Muslims?
Will those judges deliver their judgement based of the strict interpretation of the laws or will they be misguided by personal beliefs or the rabble rousing?
We should be asking questions in Parliament what is the annual budget for the promotion of Islam in Malaysia and how much is actually spent on training competent religious teachers.
It is no use spending 90% of the millions on awarding mosque-building contracts without tenders and little on producing religious scholars - maybe that is why some people claim they are going to be confused by the "ALLAH" ruling.
My prediction is that national unity will be affected by the court proceedings and the higher up the case proceeds, the more damage will be done to the fragile fabric that binds Malaysian society.

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