Monday, August 18, 2008

PERMATANG PAUH - How to Leave Saiful Alone?

malaysiakini has this story:
"PM: Leave Saiful alone"

The former aide of Anwar has complicated our legal process by swearing on the Koran that he was sodomised forcibly even though the police have preferred a charge of consensual sodomy.

PAS' leader has declared that swearing on the Koran should not be a method to prove or disprove such an incident and the timing itself should raise many questions as it was done on the eve of nomination day for the Permatang Pauh by-elections.

What are the implications of such a swearing on the judicial process? How will the judge evaluate such an act when the case comes to court? From experience we have read that some Muslim judges will not rule against Islamic teachings even when the court is a civil and secular construct.

Our last PM TDM now says that Anwar should also swear on the Koran to prove his innocence. Even if Anwar did so, that creates a most difficult problem. Who decides which oath-taker is innocent?
Will that be a way to remove the vast backlog of cases in Malaysia that are awaiting trial?

If all the Muslims charged with whatever crime swear on the Koran that they are innocent, will the AG then proceed to drop all charges against them?

We could be a crime-free nation soon and the PM's Islam Hadhaari would be the beacon of hope for all nations. But I see that happening anytime soon or ever.

Photo: Glacial ice looks clean but don't be fooled by appearances.

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