Monday, August 18, 2008

Education at its WORST - the UiTM Saga

malaysiakini has this article by Azly Rahman:
"MARA is progress not fascism"

Ironically the writer is a graduate from that institution but his years of experience have enabled him to see clearly through the weakness of such education bodies where young minds are warped with unprincipled thinking.

It appears that education facilities like UiTM teach the young not "how to think" but "what to think". The concept of "teaching a man to fish" comes to mind but the regressive methods create adults who simply demand more fish.

The last sentence in the article is very strong. Azly recommends that

"Let us dismantle racist institutions."
photo: Bear making off with 3ft salmon, Alaska. We were watching about 100 feet away.

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Oink OInk said...


yes ... correct, correct, correct.

we must dismantle racist institutions and the best opportunity right now is the permatang pauh by-election.