Thursday, August 21, 2008


emails received:

"Dr, & Minda friends,
pl help. My daughter How Li Min Missing 29yr

she wear pink t-shirt & pink long skirt (with some small flower chocolate dots) & blue long sleeve sweater outside missing on 19.8.08 approx. 5.00 pm at my office near TAAT House, Jln Tun A Razak.


Minda How"

"Dear friend,

Daughter of my colleague, How Li Min, went missing yesterday outside our office. She suffers from an illness and missed her medication. She did not carry any identification with her.
If you do happen to meet her anywhere please contact her father, Mr. How at 016-7775911.

Please assist to forward this email to your friend within this few days. I will inform you once she is back.

For friends whom wish to further forward this email after this few days please check with me or Mr. How whether she is back.

Thanks for your kindness.


If you have seen this person, please contact her father at the number above. Even if it is only to let her parents know she is well.

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