Thursday, September 2, 2010

When Will Najib Learn His ABCs Properly?

I spent a quiet Merdeka in JB.
There was really nothing much to celebrate as all my four children are not in Malaysia.
Yesterday, I chanced to hear the PM talk about his economic ideas.
I heard a new description yesterday that indicates the PM is having problems with the alphabets.
It seems that the new formula is being promoted:


Of course everyone knows about the NEP, that master-plan that has been hijacked for more than 30 years to benefit only a select group of Bankrupsi Negara cronies.
Since coming to office, Najib has created many labs to study how Malaysia can be transformed into a developed nation by 2020 even though some believe the nation could become bankrupt by 2019; given that FDIs have fallen through the floor and even the locals are moving funds abroad.

The PM thought that he would have it easy with his bold announcement of the New Economic Model or NEM.

However, many influential Malaysians with vested interests in the rent-seeking NEP including Dr Mahathir, have debunked the NEM.
I am not sure what Najib drank to celebrate our Merdeka day but it certainly clouded his speech yesterday.
Now he talks of the "New Model for the Economy". If the NEP was bad and the NEM is just and needs-based, why is there any need to cater for vested interests like APs and the unjust luxury housing discounts?

I say after spending a few million ringgit on APCO to create the image makeover for the PM, it is disappointing that the PM cannot even adopt a consistent position vis-a-vis his economic vision.
Or should we be preparing for Mirage2020 with such national leaders?

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