Thursday, September 23, 2010

What I Think of the GTP and ETP? Or Chappati in the SKY?

The basic idea behind this obsession with Vision2020 when Malaysia is supposed to have been transformed into a developed nation is "throw as mud on the wall as possible" as inevitably some mud will stick.
Before one can even begin to fathom the basis for the projects, you need a Degree in Encryption to get the feel of all the alphabet soup like KPI, KPRA that read like some computer jargon in a technical manual.
The response as been mixed and the big questions on most people's minds are:
1. Where will the funding oome from?
2. How much funds will be "leaked" like the RM12bil in the PKFZ fiasco?

Here is what I think of all the fuss:

Suppose you are a sick man and been diagnosed with elevated blood pressure, drug addiction, diabetes and high cholesterol. Furthermore you smoke and the doctors give you 3 years maximum unless you undergo drastic lifestyle changes.
Instead of taking your doctors' advice and checking into a health clinic for a major medical makeover, you call a press conference and announce that in the next two years you are going to climb Mt. Kinabalu and also take part in your first Ironman competition in two months time.

That is how I view the "pie in the sky" as described by Lim Kit Siang.
Maybe people will understand more if he dscribed it as "chappati in the sky"?

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