Saturday, August 29, 2009

malaysiakini and the SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT of the PDRM...

You would have read about the cowardly behaviour of the police when they decided not to take action against a group of illegal demonstrators who were allowed to deposit the head of a cow at entrance of the Selangor government office.
This malaysiakini article relates to aftermath Cops say sorry, promise prompt action after the furore the incident created.

There are 2 points that I would make:

1.The protest shows that a few Muslims are not tolerant of other religions and unfortunately it appears that the police are practising selective law enforcement.

2.The failure of the government to implement the IPCMC has made the PDRM even more ineffective.

The apology is rather pathetic. A police force must be seen to deal with all offenders on an equal basis or soon that police force becomes a ill-disciplined gang of thugs.
I would suggest that the Senior office in charge during the incident should be demoted as he failed to stop an incident that has raised religious passions.

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Trashed said...

This is the clearest example so far of unequal treatment by the PDRM.

Very unprofessional and the best they can do is some schoolkid excuse !

On one hand, peaceful candle light vigils and wearing black can get you arrested but spewing threats and inciting fear are allowed to run its course.

Many more examples - the APCET II fracas, the illegal assemblies by UMNO followers in Penang just after the GE12, the march in Ipoh to the church where supposedly some Muslims were being converted, the Zul Nordin led protest outside the Bar Council re:religious conversion, etc.

Wonder what they will do when the PR takes over in GE13 ?