Wednesday, August 5, 2009

malaysiakini REPORTS on UTUSAN'S KERIS-RATTLING Article....

It looks as if UTUSAN MELAYU is determined to bury UMNO in the next elections with an article that will definitely stoke racial tensions.
According to the malaysiakini article 'Malays, don't be cowards': Utusan strikes again the article claims that "greater political and administrative powers" is "not justice and democracy" as if the four sujects are mutually exclusive.
It also claims that "the Malay political power held by Umno since independence must be destroyed. This can be achieved when PAS and Anwar Ibrahim support DAP."

I guess many people are wondering why the Malays have entrusted UMNO for so many years when it appears that their experiment in social engineering has met with limited success for the majority of Malays but unparalleled wealth for a few hundred BN cronies who want the trusting Malays to let them keep feeding at the national coffers.

My advice to all Malays is:
Search in your soul if what you see in Malaysia is the work of a fair and just government:
1.Leaders with unlimited wealth and power.
2.Innocent citizens being held and even killed while in custody.
3.Tens of thousands still living in slums.

If you think that UMNO has not been giving you a fair deal, don't you think it is time to remove their stranglehold on your lives?

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