Sunday, August 16, 2009

malaysiakini and the PROBLEM with the MACC

So some folks in the MACC are not happy that the public have such a low opinion of the commission.
Even to the extent that a senior officer has vented his frustration in the media.
To be sure, a body like the MACC will encounter great resistance when corruption is rampant and it is not uncommon for powerful figures to obstruct and even jeopardise efforts to unveil their evil misdeeds.
The Teoh Beng Hock case has certainly put the MACC at its lowest as far as the public perceives their crime-busting role.
Just read the public's response in this malaysiakini report on the reported RM10mil payment to a minister. Ong vs Tiong - full-scale inquiry needed.
Yes a freeze of some kind is needed for the MACC actions; particularly as its very integrity is in question with the mystery surrounding Teoh's death.
Maybe the MACC needs a clean bill of health that can be achieved with another Royal Commission and then after that it really needs a control mechanism like the IPCMC.
Only then will the MACC be able to operate like a true upholder of the laws and only then will the public have full confidence in its operations and the efforts of its loyal officers.

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