Thursday, August 13, 2009

malaysiakini LETs the CAT Out of the BAG in PKFZ Scandal....

Maybe Malaysia can claim its place in the Guiness Book of World Records for the ongoing scandals that we read about each beautiful day.
The latest one is on the PKFZ mega-project that has sucked up more than RM2bil in cost overruns and only now is the subject of various investigations.
That only shows how rich our nation is when a government-sponsored project can double in costs and corrective action comes only after 2 years.

More startling is the claim of the project company in claiming that 'RM10 mil for MCA boss' was paid as a party donation. It definitely seems like a conflict of interest situation when the Minister in charge also issued those "letters of comfort" to enable the company to raise funds worth billions of ringgit.
Now this is a more worthwhile case for the MACC to investigate but seeing how they do not even keep basic records in the HQ, it will be difficult for them to nail another corruption case so soon after the Kasitah Gaddam affair, where the case was thrown out without even calling for the defence.
Is the AG's office also so ineffective like the MACC?

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