Friday, August 14, 2009

malaysiakini EXPECTS TOO MUCH from the MACC?

The malaysiakini headline is rather flattering and begs the question PKFZ - when will MACC spring to action? as if the MACC is highly compressed like a powerful spring ready to pounce on major corruption cases.
Unfortunately the MACC is not totally independent or credible as it reports to the PM and is now embroiled in the TEOH case that really places a major question mark on its very existence as far as public perception is concerned.

The inquest has really showed major weaknesses in both the MACC and the PDRM that is investigating the case as it seems both enforcement bodies take instructions from political masters.
Having a body discovered on one's premises is hardly a good thing to instill public trust and goodwill.

Meanwhile as we approach yet another Hari Kebangsaan with the usual flag-waving ceremonies, here is a piece I wrote in November 2005 entitled "Fixing Malaysia's Broken Systems" that you can reflect on.
Yesterday at about 12:15pm, a car marked "POLIS" blatantly sped through a red light along Jalan Tebrau opposite the Public Bank. It was not the usual white police car but an all-grey Proton and looked quite new. Unfortunately I could not catch the number. There was no siren and just that the driver did not want to stop at a traffic light that turned red.

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