Tuesday, August 11, 2009


with the GREAT CAUSEWAY JAM. From the photo, it looks like a chain of sparkling diamonds stretched beside the railway tracks on the right hand side.
It is a happening without fail whenever there is a long weekend in Singapore.
Especially during the Singapore National Day Holidays that produces a long week-end, thousands of Singaporeans will make their way into Malaysia as the exchange rate is almost 2.40 to 1.
It means the malls and restaurants and hotels will be packed with hordes of Singaporeans chirping, "Cheap, cheap, cheap."
That photo is copied from this site that shows the traffic camera on the Causeway. This shot was copied at 0:30am and I don't expect the traffic to ease untill at least 2:00am.
My wife and I had left our home at about 6:30pm as we thought the traffic would not be too bad to get back to Singapore but once we turned left from the Tebrau Highway to approach the JB CIQ, we knew the jam was going to be horrendous. The entire stretch of about 2km before the JB CIQ was already jammed and we decided to return home by making another left turn further up and go via the Serene Park area.
JB this evening was turned into traffic chaos as some motorists were shocked at the terrible jams.
But I don't believe building that CROOKED BRIDGE will solve the traffic woes between JB and Singapore; maybe just reduce the risk of accidents on those hairpin bends on the JB side.

Photo: Taken from http://www.onemotoring.com.sg/publish/onemotoring/en/on_the_roads/traffic_cameras0/woodlands.html?select2=woodland&x=14&y=2


Pak Idrus said...

It is good for the JB economy. What JB should do is to create a better road and transport system for the city.

Forget about bridge, just use the money to redevelop the city into a modern metropolis.


GaryHsia said...

We need to resolve the high crime rate problem. High crime rate discourage more Singaporean to avoid visit. What we saw in the pic are Singaporean who drive to JB but a MAJORITY of Singaporean don't drive, those who do not drive regards JB as dangerous!

H J Angus said...

PakIdrus and GaryHsia
Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Yes JB's transport is a real shambles as they have not yet completed a proper access road for bus passengers to disembark properly at the CIQ entrance in the town and buses are parked haphazardly. Utter chaos.
The MB just announced a RM200m facelift for JB but not sure if improving public transport is part of the idea.
To my mind, they should only allow 2 or 3 frequent buses to operate with proper hubs in say Larkin, Tebrau and Tampoi to improve the public transport.
Crime rate is a problem but many of those motorists are Malaysians who work in Sg.

Trashed said...

The S'pore-JB commute can be reolved by extending the MRT to JB.

But will that ever happen ?