Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Johor Baru ....A City of SHAMBLES and the Billion Ringgit CIQ

Sometimes I am not happy to be a resident of Johor Baru as the city has many extremes.
I'm not going to write a lot but will let the photos speak for themselves.
The first photo shows the grand entrance for pedestrians to the CIQ near City Square.
Instead of a nice welcome under the massive canopy, pedestrians have to walk on the busy road and risk being run over by the many buses that stop haphazardly. The CIQ has been opened for 6 months already and yet the access road has been blocked by barricades. Expect another 3 months before the road is finalised.

This photo is a sharp contrast to the area near the MBJB office that is about 5km away. The MBJB office area is in pristine condition with landscaped gardens and even water features but sadly this photo shows the neglect in other areas of the so-called city. This pedestrian crossing is along the Tebrau Highway, probably the busiest highway out of town towards Kota Tinggi. If you want to view the site, it is opposite the Public Bank at Wisma Daiman.
Notice the obstacle course before you can even get to the crossing. The broken improvised wooden pallet spans a large drain. Need I say more?


Trashed said...

The pictures are evidence to be shown to the relevant authorities.

Keep on pressing them to make that change !

Pak Idrus said...

That more reasons why we must have an elected local government. A a start the Mayor must be elected by the people of JB. The only way toward a better management of the metropolis of Johor. Take care.

H J Angus said...

Trashed and Pak Idrus
thanks for your comments.
I agree that we should have local elections as that should be the basic foundation of a healthy democracy.