Tuesday, August 11, 2009

malaysiakini and a DEAD END....the TEOH BENG HOCK Murder(?)

It seems that the inquest will not be able to determine for sure the cause of Teoh's death and the testimony of so-called expert witness appears to be not that convincing.
The malaysiakini article 'Death caused by injuries from fall' precludes the idea that he was dead before the body was disposed by persons unknown.
I just wonder what is the track record of local pathologists to solve such politically charged deaths.
I mean one can conclude that a deceased died by drinking poison but does that mean it was done willingly?
For Teoh's death, the broken belt and the torn pants suggest force was applied....like he was being dangled outside the window and the materials failed. But the most important question is
"What was the time of his death?"

I would also check further into the security company's records as to why and how they stopped recording the names of the people who entered the building. I have a strong suspicion that the security company boss/staff has possible links with the police or the mobs and that is how the security breach occurred.
Let us hope the RCI will adopt a more open approach to Teoh's death rather than simply investigate as if it is a definite suicide or accident.

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