Sunday, August 9, 2009

malaysiakini SUGGESTS ministry of education TREATS PARENTS and TEACHERS Like KIDS!

Yes I purposely put the MoE is small letters as according to this malaysiakini article ,Language switch: Gov't bars parents-teachers meet , some small-minded people in the ministry have barred a PTA meeting to discuss the great FLIP-FLOP on the use of English in schools.

Just imagine that!
The PTA is recognised as an important body that enables both teachers and parents to work in a cooperative framework for the benefit of the school children and here we can have government officials imposing this type of ban as if they are going to hold an anti-ISA demonstration.

It really shows that the authorities are not able to put forth any convincing arguments for their incredulous decisions and just want to show their authority. It is time that the power to make such important decisions is given back to schools and not left in the hands of authoritative mandarins.

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