Sunday, August 2, 2009

malaysiakini and How the 1MALAYSIA Concept Works.....

The Information Minister tried to explain recently that the 1Malaysia campaign for which millions of ringgit are being spent is not equal to the "Malaysian Malaysia" idea that got Singapore kicked out of the federation but he did precious little to clarify his thoughts.
Yesterday thousands of brave Malaysians confronted the armed might of the BN government in an unequal battle of unarmed civilians against water cannon and tear gas.
You can see how the 1Malaysia concept works as shown in these pictures from malaysiakini here.
You know what? I think the people's fight for justice won a significant round against a callous government that is simply playing for time.
Let's give them at least 4 years to reflect when we relegate them to the Opposition in the next General Elections.
SYABAS to the brave citizens of Malaysia!

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