Wednesday, August 19, 2009

malaysiakini with an ASTONISHING Claim on the PKFZ FIASCO...

Can you believe this malaysiakini story?
PKA over-trusted PKFZ, says PAC as if the PKA Board is made up of some idiotic directors who do not know anything about the multi-billion ringgit project.
Either that or the PAC is trying to white-wash the whole affair as after all it is only taxpayers' monies.
I am sure all those directors would have attended the RoC course on the roles of directors and earned generous directors fees and other perks.
If a building is made with minor defects that may be attributed to poor site supervision but when millions are paid with dubious claims it can only be caused by gross negligence or collusion.
Let's hope the MACC will produce some positive results and put some of the top executives where they truly deserve to be - behind bars.

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