Tuesday, September 9, 2008

malaysiakini Reports a Copout by BN Council

To me it seems that the BN missed a good chance to develop their inter-party relationships when all they resolved was to "let Umno decide on action against its errant Bukit Bendera division chief Ahmad Ismail over his racial remarks" according to the malaysiakini article BN to let Umno decide on Ahmad .

That has been the practice before but UMNO would improve its chances of becoming relevant again if the disciplinary action was decided at the BN leaders' meeting and then let UMNO carry out the decision.

Now if UMNO leaders falters or procrastinates more, there will be further erosion in the BN coalition. OK I know some of you think that the BN is hopeless but if the wrong decision is made, even parties like MCA and Gerakan may leave. Is that what UMNO leaders want?

Also are the police waiting for the UMNO decision before proceeding with this case?

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