Friday, September 19, 2008

malaysiakini's FEEDBACK from READERs Shows How Badawi Can REFORM MALAYSIA

Circumstances in Malaysia are such that our besieged Prime Minister is now in the unique position of being able to reform Malaysian politics beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

I know that I too have been quite critical of the government though quite a significant number of my readers think that "I am too kind to the BN". Maybe it's because I do not resort to expletives etc like what you find in many blogs.

Even if you look at this malaysiakini article Are you man enough, Mr PM? it is a direct insult to the PM.

We do not know the whole story and I guess our PM has been really struggling to introduce reforms but the challenge has been really too insurmountable.
The problems are really too deep and too complex. I believe that corruption has now engulfed the whole system with webs linking politicians and big business that are too difficult to unravel.

As the PM looks at the years of his service to Malaysia, the greatest thing he can grant all Malaysians is the gift of FREEDOM. He should realise that the handover is not going to change things for the better but may even worsen it and he would be powerless to do anything then.

Even as his UMNO friends want him to leave post haste like PM under pressure to quit by Oct 9 our PM can face the challenge of Anwar directly by calling for that EMERGENCY debate before October 9 as it is preferable to be voted out in Parliament than be kicked out by some of your own colleagues.

If Anwar does not have the numbers, your position will be strengthened but if you do lose, it is an honourable way to go and all Malaysians will hail you as the PM who helped introduce the greatest reform to Malaysia.
That is one way you will finally prove that you are the PM to us ALL.

PS. This means that Anwar's case should be postponed to after 15th Oct 2008.

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