Sunday, September 28, 2008

malaysiakini Should Check Out this NS Human Tragedy....

malaysiakini has carried a few stories on the NS program but this human tragedy has been overlooked.
This letter from NST shows that ordinary citizens have more common sense than the whole gamut of MPs who passed the NS laws and the NS Department Exempt Jane from NS stint .
You see Jane is the only sister of an NSman who died while training and her parents do not want her to go.
I believe in the USA siblings are not allowed to enlist in the same unit. This came about after many brothers were killed while in service in the military. I'm guessing the rules were made possibly in the War of Independence or maybe the First World War.
But in Malaysia, the bureaucrats rule and the parents and daughter will face the wrath of the law.
Finally some big shot will intervene and prove that we need them to do such service but surely we can make better laws?

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PeterP said...

Our bureaucrats are zombies not with human hearts. Reminds me of the young MAN (the sole bread winner in his family) from Kedah. They wanted their pound of flesh from him and he would have been jailed if not for the 'sandiwara' by the CEO of the state.

I weep for my country.