Monday, September 15, 2008

malaysiakini Reports on Large RALLY by PAKATAN - Warning

While it is good that the police have issued a permit for the rally on 16th September for PAKATAN to celebrate Malaysia Day and also to show their abhorrence of the ISA as reported in this malaysiakini article Pakatan plans anti-ISA rally tomorrow, the organisers must take all necessary precautions to ensure that such a rally takes place without incident.

In such a large gathering, it is impossible to know who is a potential trouble-maker and I suggest the following precautions:

1.Bags and handbags should be discouraged - those who bring these need to be screened.
2.Plastic bottles of water OK but must be unopened - if opened, must check to see if it is only water - ask person to drink and swallow.
3.Banners allowed but no poles or sticks.
4.No weapons of any kind like pen-knives etc

The last thing we need at this stage is for the police to intervene and have to disperse trouble-makers.
I would also not have all the PAKATAN leaders on stage at the same time for too long - perhaps a maximum of five minutes at the start of proceedings and at the end to minimise risks.

In conclusion to this safety advisory, we should note that even though Martin Luther King was killed before the blacks' emancipation, our own march to FREEDOM will not end even if any of the PAKATAN leaders cannot continue for whatever reason.


Jackie Lee said...

Please refer:


A must read articles.

Laoshan said...

Dear H.J. Angus

I do share your worry.
I hope that Pakatan had taken note of your suggestions and taken the necessary actions accordingly.

The police permit was issued for the celebration of Malaysia Day, but it is going to be turned into an Anti-ISA gathering also. Will the BN government instruct the police to withdraw the permit at the last moment because of that? How the large crowd is going to be forced to disperse ? Pakatan needs to be prepared for that so that no unwanted happening is going to take place to jeopardize their efforts in taking over the Government.