Monday, September 15, 2008

malaysiakini and the End of the BN Era?

This article from malaysiakini Could this be BN's last own goal? mentions the idea of scoring an own goal.
It implies that all the leaders in UMNO and the BN are so stupid that they keep on scoring "own goals".
I wonder if there is a master-mind involved that is pulling all the strings. This person knows that reforming BN and UMNO is not possible unless the BN loses power.
Who is the person? Most likely an UMNO leader who like Mahathir realises that UMNO is not going to reform as long as it retains power.
If you observe the reactions to the latest ISA arrests, people of all political affiliations now realise the absurdity of this law and also the Home Minister's pathetic attempts at making excuses.

Photo: Ice-berg calving in Glacier Bay, Alaska. The demise of BN as we know it is as inevitable as the ice-bergs melting.

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