Monday, September 15, 2008

This Article from malaysiakini Reveals the Quality of People in Charge of OUR SECURITY

Following the flip-flop of the Home Minister on the detention of the 3 brave Malaysians detained under ISA, we now have the Deputy-IGP trying to explain why the police found it most convenient to use the ISA as it gives them the luxury to investigate the case at their convenience.

You can read the malaysiakini article Police explain ISA arrests. There is the official police statement here

Based on their statement, it appears that the police only decided to check out one side of the complaints. Never did they even consider for one minute that the mischief could have been caused by the complainer and not the person they arrested.

Of course it not easy to arrest someone like the person who made the racist speech so it's more convenient to nab the reporter - after all she is only a woman.

As far as the DAP MP is concerned, there are already reports that a mosque and a Muslim MP have already stated that Teresa was never involved with the petition but it seems no one in the police bothered to check out those stories.

If they really wanted to be fair to both sides, they should have arrested both parties and check them out. At least then no one will blame you of being biased.

No they insist they must hold her for 28 days to verify what? If this is the best the Home Ministry can offer, we should thank our lucky stars that those terrorists are too busy in Iraq. But if word gets out how inept we are in using the laws, we could be in real trouble.

The police action has really damaged the public confidence in their impartiality towards law enforcement.

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Trashed said...

These just highlight the lack of reasoning in decision making.

Very scary that these are the people who are at the upper echelon of authority in this country.