Friday, September 19, 2008

malaysiakini Welcomes Teresa's Release but the Draconian ISA Remains

All peace-loving and moderate Malaysians welcome the release of Teresa Kok after one week detention under the ISA.
It is good that she has decided to sue the government that appears to have abused their powers according to this malaysiakini article She plans to sue gov't for 'unlawful detention' .
The wide-ranging powers of the ISA give much powers to the police and the Home Minister and the law was intended to used against terrorists and other extremists who planned to overthrow the government by use of arms and acts of sabotage like blowing up dams and power stations.
It really shows the low intelligence quotient of the authorities concerned when they arrested the two harmless women and even Raja Petra who assailed them with his writing in Malaysia Today.
The least that the Police can do to regain a little public confidence is to be transparent and give a comprehensive press briefing to explain the "whys and wherefores" of the 3 arrests and to admit they made a mistake/abused their powers and take appropriate actions against the persons involved in this most griveous travesty of justice.

Photo: I attended this candle-light vigil at the CIC in Johor Baru last night. About 100 persons of different religious groups were present to pray for the ISA detainees.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

While we rejoice with all those being released
Let us remember to pray on for those still detained
Freedom for all innocent ones is what all sane people relish
Afterall good, transparent governance and accountability are what we all want to retain

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Fri. 19th Sept. 2008. [3540 Jalan Sudin - Nuraina A Samad]

david said...

Yang Berhormat Hail Hizlar