Wednesday, September 17, 2008

malaysiakini SUPPORTS Dr M's Views?

By airing his views in this malaysiakini article MCA, Gerakan told to work with Umno to kick PM out, it seems that malaysiakini supports TDM's views on how to go about ditching the captain of the BN ship.

Let us not forget who put the captain there and how can anyone claim that
"The Pakatan is not a properly constructed coalition like BN. It is just a collection of disparate parties which come together in order to win elections by not contesting against each other." ?

But if you want to use the ship analogy, UMNO occupies all the best cabins will the smaller parties get the inside cabins with no window and the smallest party get only a hammock! And each year at their AGMs each group tries to upgrade their accommodation. Hardly a good method to foster race relations.

But I agree with his point that UMNO should have taken quick action against their member for his remarks. If appropriate action had been taken and then an apology made, that could have defused the tension.

He left during the period of the APs scandal and no action was taken then to repair the leaking ship. Maybe his appointee wanted to do major renovations but did not realise that the ship was already sinking and the March 8 elections was equivalent to the TITANIC hitting the ice-berg.

Now it is every man for himself.

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Vesu said...

our TDM should spent more time in his retirement ozone... preaching holy teachings and visiting holy spots in Mekah and madinah. no more politics.... we want him to rest. thank you for the 22 years..was toooooo long.