Tuesday, September 9, 2008

malaysiakini Suggests PAKATAN Thinks more Clearly on the PENANG PROBLEM

The incident in Penang appears to have generated a life of its own, from the initial "immigrant" remarks, the refusal to make a sincere apology and now an indirect threat to the top UMNO leadership.

Not only that, the latest incident can be considered a rallying call that is anti-Chinese and suggesting a repeat of the May13 incidents when hundreds of Chinese were slaughtered mainly in KL.

It seems that the PR have been able to respond more speedily to the problem as reported in this malaysiakini article Pakatan trio flay BN over 'racial politics' .

I suggest to top UMNO leaders that if action is not taken now not only will the party elections be affected but the very soul of Malaysia will be destroyed if they do not take appopriate action.

It is almost unthinkable to see how a state leader has been given such leeway to create mischief when a sincere apology at the first meeting would have defused the smouldering passions.

No doubt business deals have been lost but that does not excuse such rabble-rousing and the subtle incitement to riots.

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