Monday, September 29, 2008

malaysiakini on the ISA - People's ADVERSE Reaction

I have written a few articles on the need to revise and review the provisions of the ISA but it seems that most Malaysians want to simply repeal the draconian law as reported in this malaysiakini article 'No place for ISA in modern Malaysia'.
It is not surprising that many Malaysians feel outraged at the manner and the reasons given by those who administer the laws - ie the Home Minister and the police, both give rather unacceptable reasons for the last 3 persons arrested under the ISA.

Definitely the powers given under the ISA must be reviewed by all MPs just like how both Democrats and Republicans came together to save the USA economy.
Since the Police have such unfettered powers under the ISA, the IPCMC should be implemented without further excuses.

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