Tuesday, September 23, 2008

malaysiakini IMPLIES the PRIME MINISTER Influences ACA?

The authorities should probe this matter for it seems the Sabah politician has made a very serious allegation against the Prime Minister in this malaysiakini article 'I stopped PM from ordering Yong's arrest' for it implies he could persuade the PM to interfere with the ACA's duties.

Now we all know that the ACA is supposed to act without fear or favour and getting directions from the PM on how to handle a case is definitely interference. Is that the reason why those sensational "big fish" cases are still pending?

It seems that Malaysia is now lagging South Africa in terms of good governance. Over there South African President Mbeki to quit when his ANC Party decided he should go.

"The party's request to Mbeki came after a judge on September 12 threw out the corruption, fraud and racketeering case against Zuma, calling it invalid and accusing Mbeki's government of political interference in the case."

If Raymond Tan's remarks are true, it shows political interference in 2 cases - asking the ACA to investigate (after SAPP pulled out)
stopping the ACA (after Raymond Tan's appeal)

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