Friday, September 26, 2008

malaysiakini on the UMNO Flip-Fop

The emergency meeting of the UMNO MT resulted in a flip-flop decision as the top leaders cannot make a firm decision and stick to it.
How sad for Malaysia that national leaders are too preoccupied with political survival to worry about the country's economic woes.
Did someone say they just reduced the price of petrol by 10sen?

The malaysiakini article AGM postponed, Pak Lah mum on plans indicates the severity of the leadership problem.

In a way the UMNO succession problem reflects the awakening of grass-roots members who want more democracy just like all ordinary citizens want more freedom. Clearly the patronage practices of UMNO belong to an era of feudal chiefs.

The only good outcome of this UMNO meeting is that it provides PAKATAN more time to plan better strategies. If the handover takes place in mid 2009 the latest time frame as expected, the person who leads UMNO must be required to get a vote of confidence passed to become the Prime Minister.

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