Tuesday, September 30, 2008

malaysiakini - Finance Minister Gives ASSURANCE on ECONOMY

This article in malaysiakini Political crisis paralysing economy, investment is too much gloom and doom as even though the USA economy is headed south, we have adequate reserves to ride out a recession for a few years.
According to the Finance Minister Najib: Malaysian economy has buffers (updated) we have about US$119bil (RM404.6bil)international reserves.

What is important is that projects to pump prime the economy should be those that benefit the most citizens like public transport in the main cities and also capacity building like higher education that will produce more skilled citizens.

Although the amount looks quite substantial, every project should be carefully scrutined for cost/benefit ratios and only good projects selected.
One move that helped to save Malaysia lots of money was the refusal by Bank Negara to approve the bid by Maybank for BII at unattractive prices.

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