Tuesday, September 16, 2008

malaysiakini and the IMPERATIVE for CHANGE

The latest ISA results could well signal the last days of the BN government and if you have read the latest reasoning given by the Deputy IGP for the ISA crack-downs and the plethora of letters from the ordinary folks, you will find that possibly 95% find the reasons as obnoxious and unjustified as the draconian laws.

Six months ago, many Malaysians did not support a change by toppling the current government as most wanted to do that at the General Elections. Just read this letter from malaysiakini Time to stand up and be counted -that is the anguish of the ordinary folks even in Peninsula Malaysia.

I must confess I did not support a toppling of the BN at first and I was one of those who wanted the BN and PAKATAN to work their separate turfs so that Malaysians will benefit from a more experienced group when PAKATAN takes over the Federal Government in the next GE.

But the ISA arrests have changed my mind and I believe the present government cannot be entrusted with so much wanton powers when they do not know how to use it with justice and fairness.

For too long we have allowed politicians to tell us exactly how we should live our lives and these "rulers" have rode roughshod over us with draconian laws, the most terrible of which is the ISA.

But Malaysians, like peace-loving peoples all over the world who have been oppressed for many years, have decided that they have had "ENOUGH".

After the March elections, instead of speeding up the necessary reforms the BN has made a series of unimaginable mistakes that show it could not concentrate of governing but instead focussed in keeping PAKATAN at bay as the latter made political forays against a much stronger adversary.

Call it "guerilla politics" or what you will but each time Anwar made a feint, the BN reacted by shooting itself in the foot and with the ISA arrests, it shot itself in the mouth.

I did not cast a vote in the MALAYSIAWATCH POLL(orange column at left)but I did so today. If you have never expressed your opinion on anything political, why not take a minute and take the poll? Malaysia needs everyone to "Stand up and be counted".

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