Thursday, September 11, 2008

malaysiakini HINTS of the DREADED ISA

We all know of the dreaded ISA that has put the HINDRAF 5 in jail and also some Muslim extremists(?) as determined by the Home Minister.

This law is one factor that has caused the unpopularity of the BN government and even now the PM hints at having to use it according to this malaysiakini article Pak Lah: ISA not ruled out .

Dear PM I think you are making the wrong type of statements to shore up your position. The basic reason is this - you have lost much credibilty ever since the March general elections and now even your UMNO ministers have dropped many hints that you should retire sooner rather than later.

The latest Penang case shows how local politicians can damage UMNO property and prestige without any action being taken by the police, even after reports were lodged.
Now the guy is talking about travelling to other divisions, no doubt to create some sparks wherever he goes. I would have thought he should not be welcomed or entertained by any UMNO member for the 3 years. Some people have remarked that it was good his membership was not terminated as he makes a good advert of the "ugly UMNO member". Will the BN leadership have to call weekly emergency meetings based on his exploits?

Your recent history of unfortunate flip-flops show that the pressure of the job is simply too much as you have made too large a target to achieve by the time you leave office.
May I suggest just two targets by 2010 if you still intend to carry on.
1.Get the IPCMC up and running. That was perceived by most Malaysians as the major milestone to reform the police and tackle corruption.
2.Sort out the Lingam tapes Commission findings and take appropriate sooner as time is short.

The ISA is a bad law in most cases and the damage to the nation would be serious if the basic reason for its use is that the government is in danger of collapsing.
If you feel that is about to happen, you can call for snap polls and let the people be the judge of your performance. Even if you lose, the people will still remember you as Mr Nice Guy.
The second alternative to remove the endless politicking would be to work out a compromise with PR whereby there will be a coalition government of sorts untill the next General Elections. This is a wild idea but savvy politicians know how to work out such deals. That is one way to end all the speculation about the cross-overs if both the BN and PR agree to work together for the benefit of Malaysia.

After all you gave us more freedoms to express our views and enabled Malaysians to taste some freedom after more than 35 years of denial. It is heartening to note that most Malaysians are peace-loving citizens with moderate views.

I suggest imposing the ISA wholesale will not work unless you want Malaysia to become a pariah nation like Myanmar.

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