Thursday, September 25, 2008

malaysiakini and the Continuing FALL-OUT from the ISA ABUSES

Probably close to 97% of Malaysians will agree that the ISA laws are unjust and obnoxious and the recent abuses on the Sin Chiew reporter and Teresa Kok continue to have ripple effects even among the Government ministers.

You can read the latest development on the ISA saga in this malaysiakini article where the Hindraf to hold anti-ISA vigil on Saturday so you should avoid the place unless you want to be part of the action by the FRU, water cannon and all.

Meanwhile the Home Minister is clearly agitated with all the lambasting he is attracting with this NST story Syed Hamid slams Murugiah who is a Deputy Minister who wanted to check out the quality of food served to police detainees. It seems the Minister is not happy that the police need to be investigated for poor quality food.

Does the Minister suppose that he is above the law? Maybe that is the basic problem with laws like ISA - those with the authority believe they have God-like powers.

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Latest opinion in conjunction with ISA and the 10 sen drop in Fuel Price etc.

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