Monday, September 29, 2008

malaysiakini - More RAPE of Sarawak's Resources.

I always had some misgivings about the Bakun Dam.
You will recall that it was one of those mega-deals that was given without open tenders and little regard for EIA studies.
The thought at the back of my mind was always that the main purpose of the dam was the tens of thousands of acres of virgin forests that would be drowned by the dam.
Except that the timber has made some people filthy rich.

Never mind that the electricity to be produced by the Bakun dam cannot be sent to the west as the submarine cable is too expensive.
So this malaysiakini article Sarawak begins work on new RM3 bil dam only shows yet more forests are going to be decimated even when Bakun is going to result in excess capacity for Sarawak and Sabah for many years.

It is really sad that the natives will once again suffer the consequences of greedy state politicians.

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