Monday, September 8, 2008

malaysiakini can LEAD to Promote the PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT

"May you live in interesting times" was a prayer or wish that sometimes people used to wish upon another person.

I am sure that most Malaysians will agree that we live in interesting times though some of us prefer the good old days when you knew that the government would still be in office the next morning.

Not any more. Today we can see a few examples of the tail wagging the dog and these are strange times indeed when the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim seeks to overthrow the government through peaceful means. Some claim the method is unethical but we somehow passed a law in the 80s that allowed precisely that and we made the process of "crossing over" legal.

As the orange poll on the left shows, there is the strongest sentiment for change and the only regret expressed is that the people did not have the final say. It seems that as far as BN is concerned there is almost negligible support for them to reform or them having the so-called mandate from the last elections.

Therefore it is heartening to note that according to this malaysiakini article 'Get people's approval first for 916' some people have been discussing how to make any takeover palatable to the voters.

Of course the BN is not going to like such a situation but I believe it is imperative that both BN and PR sit down to talk on the rules of engagement or risk the nation getting embroiled in civil unrest and worse. We should realise that there are some extremists who may be willing to disturb the peace in this nation.

We should all support not the BN government, not the PR government but the People's government and I suggest the following guidelines will help to keep the peace and ensure a peaceful transition to a government that is more in tune with the people's aspirations.

1.After any change in government, the first bill will be to table anti-hopping laws and all MPs will be allowed to vote without the party whip.
2.The government in authority will ensure that the police and the army keep out of political matters.
3.If there is a change in government via a cross-over, the new government will get all cross-over MPs to resign and re-contest the same seats in by-elections after the anti-hopping laws have been enacted.
4.Postal votes will be limited only to those on active duty in remote areas without polling booths. Everyone else will vote in normal stations.
5 Both the BN and PKR will accept the results of the byelections and stop all the political hijinks untill the next General Elections.

If you have anything else to add for the People's parliament, please add a comment and if think this article is reasonable to give more power to the people, feel free to forward.

Thanks to You Tube "The Impossible Dream" may inspire and motivate us.

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