Thursday, September 25, 2008

malaysiakini on Yet Another TEMPLE DEMOLITION

This story from malaysiakini is quite disturbing for it shows that some people still do not realise the grave offence when a religious temple is demolished.
So it is not surprising that the MIC President Samy slams temple demolition in Pakatan-controlled S'gor as another temple was recently demolished.

We all know that Selangor is now under PAKATAN and most people expected them to be more careful about such things.
There is another report in the Star that implies the council workers had acted without authorisation. Temple demolition: ‘Officers acted against state directive’.
This is indeed a serious breakdown when council workers act without proper instructions. If guilty of such a serious breach, sacking may be too easy an option. A police report can be lodged for creating a religious disturbance.

Photo: thanks to malaysiakini


PeterP said...

Sadly there are some who are hell bent on stirring up trouble.
Looks like that's exactly where they're headed - hell I mean.

Malaysian said...

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Anonymous said...

When PR takes over the state government, they have inherited a bunch of civil servants who are brainwashed by the BTN programme. It will take some time and some drastic action to wake them up.