Friday, September 12, 2008

malaysiakini and How the PM Stands ALONE

The PM has admitted on TV that there is no pleasure in his job but he feels obliged to finish his tasks before he hands power to his Deputy in 2010.

But according to this malaysiakini article, Najib seen backtracking on transition pact, it appears that the PM is becoming isolated in his Cabinet.

When he first came to power, most Malaysians were very happy to give him a chance to get Malaysia back on the proper track but unfortunately he promised too much and delivered too little, too late.

Thus in the March elections, the BN lost their usual 2/3 majority and life as the PM has changed dramatically.

Instead of saying the usual "I have so much to do etc", it would be good for the PM to make a TV broadcast and explain to all Malaysians in greater detail what he hopes to achieve if he is given more support, especially from his Cabinet ministers.

Make a list of 10 most critical items you want to complete before stepping down and people will better understand why you wish to complete these tasks.

Example of a list:

1.Complete IPCMC implementation
2.Formation of the Judicial Commission
3.Basic mass transport systems in 6 cities etc
4.Inter-religious Dialogue Program

It appears you have lost much support from your own party and you need the other BN partners to assist. After all, they may wish you to continue as the PM instead of other candidates.

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