Saturday, September 27, 2008

malaysiakini on The PM's Last Cards - Any ACES Left?

The Prime Minister would not be facing his current dilemma if he had pushed more stongly for genuine reforms after his stunning results in the 11th General Elections when the economy was good and Malaysians wanted to give him a strong mandate.
So today when he faces the reality of the dirty game of politics when even his Cabinet ministers try to evict him from the top post, the PM must ponder long and hard on his options.

Does he have any options left? Actually he can decide to go for broke if he really "loves UMNO" as reported in this malaysiakini article Q&A: You can go on guessing, says Pak Lah , he should take the ultimate step to reform the party that has become obese with over-indulgence.

With his mild character, maybe the PM was regarded as too soft and a walkover for the more aggressive leaders but one has to admire the man for being able to withstand the pressure from the UMNO warlords.

His dilemma is this:
1.Will he make the struggle to compete for the President's post? It seems a bit like Anwar's claims when people in the MT tell him that he does not have the support of the grass-roots.
2.If he gives up the PM's post, will the new person be able to lead without imposing a harsher regime on ordinary Malaysians?
3.Can UMNO be reformed unless it becomes more humble in a role such as a few years in the Opposition?
4.Can Anwar actually be the saviour of UMNO indirectly if they are forced to reform as opposition back-benchers?
5.Will Badawi's finest hour be the day that he receives the award of "The PM who gave Malaysians real FREEDOM?

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