Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do These Results Reflect the Sentiments of malaysiakini readers?

Cross-overs and the legality and morality of MPs hopping have been the subject of many articles in malaysiakini.

My poll asked the question:
"What is Your Feeling about MPs Crossing Over?"

This was just before nation celebrated National Day and after Anwar had emerged victor in PP.
The question was framed slightly differently from a question posed a few months back after the March results as I wanted readers to just focus on cross-overs.

Thanks to the 508 readers who took the poll.

262 or 52% chose "FANTASTIC - Too Many Years in Power and BN has LOST Touch with the PEOPLE"

113 or 22% chose "GOOD - the Nation Needs New LEADERSHIP

69 or 14% picked "OK - Must Ensure MPs Have Not been BRIBED"

60 or 12% picked SAD - They Should Resign and let Voters Decide

2 or 0% chose BAD - The BN Should be given a Chance to REFORM

2 or 0% chose SAD - The BN has the MANDATE from the last elections

(Strictly speaking the last 2 results should not be 0% but less than 1%)
It is interesting to note that those who were most unhappy were concerned more about bribery and the Voters Choice.

The number supporting the BN is negligible.


Antares said...

Excellent! Comes close to my own gut feeling (plus an extensive study of blog polls) that 98% STRONGLY desire to see Anwar & Pakatan Rakyat succeed in their takeover plan - asap. The holdouts are either big-time beneficiaries of BN largesse (entrepreneurs with lucrative government contracts) or academics/pundits/analysts with a hardwired cynicism and pessimism they find impossible to transcend.

Truth is, I've NEVER supported the BN for even a nanosecond since I was a kid. But it seemed futile to fight such a monolith, like a dog yapping at an elephant's backside. Anwar's revolt in 1998 made me sit up and watch. When he got crucified I couldn't stand Mahathir's cruelty and vindictiveness. I began to actively wish Umno/BN a speedy demise - but the 1999 & 2004 election results were so disappointing, I got really pissed off with Chinese businessmen and their kiasuness - all those YTL & Vincent Tan types destroying the landscape with their ugly & ruthless projects.

After Anwar's return I felt a renewed surge of optimism, which was borne out on 8th March! Cynicism doesn't help in a crisis like the one our nation is going through - and we require no further proof that EVIL works through Umno/BN. Imagine a government that would condone the misuse of security forcesand military explosives to snuff "troublesome" people!!!

Malaysian said...

saya percaya Isu Menumpang ini ada motif di sebaliknya...

lihatlah ni...

Kenapa Ahmad Berani Ingkari Arahan

Rakyat Malaysia!
Jangan Terpengaruh dengan taktik MEREKA!!!


H J Angus said...

thanks for visiting and your comments!
Not often I get a celebrity to drop a line.