Wednesday, September 17, 2008

malaysiakini Describes the STATE of the NATION

There is a saying power can affect our better judgement and this article in malaysiakini shows that the PM is very determined not to step down untill the "agreed handover date" in 2010.
Takeover a 'political lie', says Pak Lah shows a desperate man who wants to stay on even though his political shelf life ended the moment he agreed to step down.
Unfortunately in countries like the UK and Malaysia, the moment you announce a date the citizens know that nothing much else can be delivered as you are going to be a "lame duck" leader.
The PM is perceived to be a gentleman and I suspect his many years as a Foreign Minister have somehow moulded his style of leadership - always seeking consensus and being too diplomatic. This is in sharp contrast to his predecessor who knew how to exert a heavy hand.
Just like public space has been opened out, I guess that the much enlarged Cabinet members have been allowed a free rein to carry out their duties and other activities while the PM tried to steer the overburdened ship.

The words attributed to him show the deep frustration and also the delusional bent.
"This is a waste of our time. It is a game of political lies by Anwar Ibrahim and the people are choosing to believe him," Abdullah retorted at a press conference
The government controls MSM and it is ironic that the arrest of an MSM reporter and others sparked the most outrage against the Government. Also Anwar's credibility rises with the corresponding declines in the Government's popularity after scoring own goals.

It is not surprising that the PM considers Anwar's tactics unsettling and his remarks indicate a deep frustration about his own effectiveness.
After all many from his own party want him to step down but he is able to stay put as many do not want the "ghosts of Christmases past" to be paraded in Putrajaya.
Knowing that his own party is going to challenge his position, I am speculating that the Supreme Council will be persuaded to defer elections again this year so that his leadership of the party will be intact for at least a few more months.
It is not going to win any more friends but at least this could improve the political stability of the nation.
As it is now, Malaysia is like a ship without rudder and susceptible to attacks from pirates who do not understand the rule of law. And I am not referring to Anwar and his Merry Men.

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