Thursday, September 25, 2008

malaysiakini on More UMNO Politics, Less Good GOVERNANCE.....

Some people have complained about PAKATAN creating havoc by their constant talk about taking over the government but this malaysiakini article Umno supreme council to hold emergency meet shows that our government leaders are too busy with their own politics to really concentrate on the economic tsunami that is going to hit our shores soon.

Even the DPM had to cancel his visit to the UN General Assembly but the reason given was that he had to attend special briefings in his new ministry. I guess that was the politically correct answer to dish out.

All the arguments about injecting more democracy into UMNO now only shows that the party should never have compromised in 1987 when the restrictions were imposed. A political party must operate on best principles and not the leaders' convenience.
It is always better to have a smaller army with soldiers who are prepared to die for the cause then a larger one full of mercenaries who will sell you out once a better offer comes along.

It looks like Malaysia can forget about good governance and things like TI rankings untill UMNO sorts out the final solution for the leadership transition. The incoming leaders should just understand that after the next elections, they will be in the Opposition and so only those who are adaptable should venture forth.

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