Friday, September 12, 2008

malaysiakini Reports More UMNO Problems

You know the saying about troubles coming in bucketfulls?
It seems the UMNO President has really his hands and head full of problems.

First there was the UMNO warlord from Penang whose behaviour really needs some strong arm tactics; preferably from the police who are still pondering the police reports.

Then there are the inappopriate comments from his own Cabinet Minister who offered a double whammy as in these two malaysiakini articles, PM 'surprised' by Muhyiddin's U-turn and Muhyiddin: I've invited Dr M back to Umno. Imagine that! The comments about leaving sooner were made in Singapore at an international conference and I think Muhyidden has insulted the Prime Minister in public and should make a public apology.

It is not purely an UMNO matter as his remarks damage the confidence of investors that Malaysia seeks. The saying comes to mind
"With friends like these, who has need of enemies?"

Once I had the notion he seemed a capable person as he was the Johor MB but this basic disloyalty to the Prime Minister is truly deplorable.

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Ikrak said...

We don't havre to be loyal to a stupid, useless, incompetent and corrupted PM. Might as well be loyal to pigs.