Wednesday, September 10, 2008

malaysiakini Article Asks ARMY CHIEF to Stay Out

So far only one political party has reacted to the Army Chief's statement and it is encouraging that at least one leader has voiced a reaction to the AFC's inappropriate remarks.

He should have spoken to the PM privately if he had concerns. Now he only undermines the PM's already brittle hold on power. It seems all the vultures are gathering.

malaysiakini carries the report Stay out of politics, PAS Youth tells army chief.

One thing that history has proved and we can see that in so many neighbouring countries - Thailand, Burma, Pakistan - military rule is a bad option and all politicians should remind the army chief to confine his remarks to the proper channels.


matador said...

Dont challenge the military... Malaysian wont be very happy if military have to take over the country.

In 1969, military did not took over when they can becoz of the relation between Chief of Defence Force and PM then.

Try now and maybe they WILL take over. They probably careless who initiate. Regardless of pendatang Cina or pendatang Melayu.

Ironically even most scholars perceived multi-party state like Malaysia in very instable and if military take over, that would be a normal scenario.

So bloody idiots from UMNO like AHMAD or from Pakatan or from any organization, DONT STIR RACIAL ISSUE.

telur dua said...

Appointing morons as military Generals can be hazardous to a country's health and well-being.