Friday, September 12, 2008

malaysiakini Should Also Cover Stories from JB

Penang had its share of the national lime-light during the past weeks and I suggest that malaysiakini should write more about happenings in JB too.
I think there is a good story here about why it is taking the "crooked/straight bridge project" the longest time to complete.

The current Checkpoint is suffering from maintenance problems and the only recent observation is that the cameras that were so hastily installed about a year ago have been removed/stolen(?).

Long suffering motorists who have endured hours-long jams when coming from Singapore at the Singapore Woodlands Cross-over will be happy to note that the LTA have finally decided to take some action to solve the 5-year old problem.

Today they announced that cars will not be able to turn right if you approach the Causeway from Woodlands Town Center.
This is what I suggested in October 2007 Before We Praise Singapore Too Highly....
What used to happen was that motorists used to use this road to try and beat the BKE queue and usually created the situation whereby 5 lanes try to squeeze into the 2-lanes that can turn right. The resulting jam is really bad as the traffic cops only control the cross-over traffic and no one bothers about the traffic mayhem elsewhere.

It should be interesting to see how things improve.

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Birds Talking said...

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