Sunday, September 7, 2008

malaysiakini Reports on Possible Political MELTDOWN

The PM thinks that he has a magic wand that will put the racist genie back into the bottle, according to this malaysiakini article PM orders stop on tiff over race issues.

Sorry PM but I believe you are missing the point as your Deputy has committed the leadership's high ground by making that apology on behalf of UMNO and the Government and that represents all Malaysians - at least I hope so.

So the official stance is that the speaker has made some offensive remarks that require investigation and one cannot just blame the press for a wrong message.

The least that the government should have done was to double-check with other reporters like NST Star and even Utusan. I am sure many people, including the Special Branch do tape such speeches.

He should have avoided going to Penang untill the police had decided what action to take.
I think this incident will deal the kiss of death to BN as we know it.


Nostradamus said...

A Tribute to RPK For Your Dreams. (Suatu Penghormatan kepada RPK atas Impian Mu)

The latest news about RPK in Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today, that he would be detained under the ISA have moved me to dedicate this speech by one of the great Freedom Fighters in the world, Martin Luther King Jr. " I Have a Dream" to him.

(Berita terbaru tentang RPK di Malaysiakini dan Malaysia Today, bahawa beliau akan ditahan dibawah ISA telah mengharukan hati saya untuk mendedikasikan ucapan oleh seorang Pejuang Kebebasan Dunia, Martin Luther King Jr. bertajuk "Saya ada Impian" kepada beliau.)

Let us reminiscent over it at

(Marilah kita mengenangkan tentangnya di )

H J Angus said...

No need to spam all over please.