Monday, September 8, 2008

malaysiakini should ask "Who is PAYING for those 49MPs?"

That is the RM500,000 question that should be asked in the malaysiakini article 49 BN MPs off to Taiwan beginning today .

I wonder what one can learn in 10 days when the growing of crops usually takes a few months for a complete cycle from planting to harvesting.

Now if we deduct a few days of golfing so as to break the monotony of looking at food processing plants, we could have about 5 days when actual studying can be done.

But wait a minute - we do have some rice farmers in Perak who were struggling to keep their land even though they were the most productive farmers in Malaysia.

Instead of spending so much monies on a junket, those MPs should have been provided lap-tops with Internet access and ask them to do research instead. What next? Special trips to learn proper debate skills?

Oiyah some of you will protest - "How to enjoy golf like that?
No chance lah to get a hole in one!"

And not all of them play golf.

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