Thursday, September 18, 2008

malaysiakini HINTS at ISA for ANWAR?

This article from malaysiakini shows the immense pressure that the PM is facing; from political adversaries both from within and without. The article poses the question "Another round of ISA for Anwar?" is disturbing indeed but we should remain calm.

Anwar may be a thorn in the government's side but that is the nature of politics. The government too has not been behaving too well, especially in the manner it has been withholding development funds for the opposition states, namely Penang.

The PM was quoted by the malaysiakini article as
"Anwar wants to destroy the country and exploit the people’s trust and tarnish the country’s image abroad."

I believe he only wants to get rid of BN for the benefit of all Malaysians so that we all benefit in the many blessings that Malaysia has been bestowed.

With the control of all the media for many years except the Internet, the government has lost the credibility battle as the people realise that it has been "Mostly Talk, Little Action".

Just a few items which seriously impact the government's ability and credibility to deliver:

1.Failure to implement the IPCMC as a properly functioning body. No doubt bits and pieces have been looked at.

2.Massive increase in government expenditure but mainly in recurring costs thereby creating growing deficits.

3.Failure of the "back to English" program thereby affecting the future of tens thousands more of our children.

4.Failure to undertake serious and comprehensive reforms after the 2004 elections.

5.Failure to bring to book the horror cases reported in the Auditor-General's Annual Report each year.

After the March elections, instead of pressing on with reforms the authorities have been too busy looking over their shoulders for Anwar or his shadow. If only they had focussed on delivering the best they could instead of jumping at shadows like the recent foray of 49 MPs to Taiwan.

Once a government loses credibilty, it is most difficult to regain the public trust although a period of political calm will help. I believe arresting Anwar under the ISA would definitely create a political maelstrom that could destroy our nation.

Did the civil rights movement in the USA peter out after MLK was murdered? Did the anti-apartheid war in South Africa end because Mandela was imprisoned for so many years?

Just look at the poll results (orange column at left). It's quite telling that the smallest result is the one where people are hoping for the "BN to reform".

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The Kingfisher said...

The solution for this problem can be found when our founding fathers Hartal-ed the colonial English! Lets Hartal the ISA!

Malaysian bloggers for ISA Hartal